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5 Star Nutrition

Lauren Buxton



Seekonk, MA

Lauren Buxton has embodied the 5 Star mission by putting in the hard work to produce some truly stellar results. Learn more about Lauren and what has made her so successful in her fitness journey.

Why did you start your fitness journey?

"I’ve been surrounded by fitness my whole life, but really fell in love with lifting and the gym when I was about 19 years old. I grew up very skinny and loved the ability the gym gave me to change my aesthetic and make my body look the way I wanted it to. I originally found 5 Star when looking for a place to do an InBody scan, but loved the products they offered more than GNC or any other generic supplement store, so I’ve been a loyal customer ever since!"

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What is your go-to healthy meal?

"I make a turkey taco bowl that I’m obsessed with and basically live off of. I consider it a healthier Chipotle bowl! Lean ground turkey seasoned with taco seasoning on a bed of rice/lettuce and topped with salsa, shredded cheese, plain Greek yogurt, hot sauce, and tortilla strips. It’s chef’s kiss."

What is your favorite exercise?

"I have an unhealthy obsession with pull-ups."

What advice has inspired you the most?

"It’s better to give 70%, 100% of the time than to give 100%, 70% of the time. Consistency over everything."

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