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The Grind // EAAs, BCAAs, & Hydration

EAAs, BCAAs, & Hydration
The Grind by Axe & Sledge is a premium EAA, BCAA, + Hydration formula that’s designed to be used before, during, and/or after training to enhance recovery, hydration, and performance. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are essential for health, recovery, and performance. There are approximately 20 amino acids that have been identified, but only 9 are deemed essential because the body cannot synthesize them on its own.

Of the 9 essential amino acids, 3 are also classified as branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which include Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine. branched-chain amino acids are essential for individuals looking to maximize their performance and recovery because they’re required to fully activate muscle protein synthesis (mps).

However, since all 9 amino acids will likely bring you benefits, the grind contains them all; making it one of the most comprehensive amino acid products on the market.


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