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Actual Intelligence

Axe & Sledge


Enhance your productivity, creativity, and cognitive function

Let’s face it, we only spend so much time in the gym, so it’s beneficial to find supplements that improve your performance in other areas of your life. Especially since the vast majority of our lives are spent at work, school, and home. Not to mention, a true hard-working m’fer is someone who excels inside and outside of the gym.

Unlike pre-workouts, which are designed to increase your physical performance, nootropics are designed to increase your cognitive performance. A well-formulated nootropic may improve your memory, motivation, learning capabilities, mental energy, alertness, and concentration. In other words, nootropics help get you in the zone so you can get sh*t done faster and better.

When most people think of nootropics, the first thing that comes to mind is typically caffeine. However, there are a lot of other ingredients that can further boost your cognitive performance. And those with the most scientific backing are found in actual intelligence.

Actual intelligence (also known as a.I.) is a powerful nootropic fit for a true hard-working m’fer that wants to maximize their productivity and performance beyond the walls of the gym. Actual intelligence uses effective doses of ten ingredients, which have been rigorously tested and shown to boost focus, mental energy, mood, cognition, and alertness.

Actual intelligence is one of the only nootropics that uses four patented ingredients, including:

Purcaf™ from applied food sciences
Dynamine™ from compound solutions
Teacrine® from compound solutions
Advantra z® from innophos
Actual intelligence also contains ingredients that possess neuroprotective properties, such as huperzine a, lion’s mane, and alpha-gpc, which are extremely beneficial for overall brain health. Clearly, actual intelligence’s comprehensive formula far exceeds standard nootropics, energy drinks, and caffeine pills.

If you’ve been searching for a product that can help you reach a flow state of mind, get sh*t done, and support your brain health, look no further than actual intelligence from Axe & Sledge.

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As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules 20-30 minutes before work, studying, gaming, or first thing in the morning. Advanced users may take up to 4 capsules. Do not take more than 4 capsules in a 24 hour period.


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