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It's no secret… all supplements are not created equally. Many are overloaded with stimulants and made specifically for men. At 5 Star we put you first, that is why we proudly carry supplements made specifically for women's needs.

Our Best-Seller

Essential Balance



Better days start with better nutrition. That is why Essential Balance is formulated with a comprehensive blend of highly researched ingredients that support better moods, radiant skin and whole body balance.

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Benefits of Daily Use

Promotes Whole-Body Balance*

We carefully formulated this product for women, to support a healthy hormone balance.*

Supports Mood*

Essential Balance is formulated with Myo-inositol and DIM to restore balance and help with mild mood changes during PMS.*

Promotes Radiant Skin*

Find balance from within! Our specially designed formula helps promote radiant hair, skin and nails, to keep you at your best.

Women Love Essential Balance

five stars

I was skeptical about this at first but my skin has never been clearer and my hair is growing so fast and healthily, not to mention the help with bloating and just overall feeling SO much better!

- Abbi

five stars

I have only been using Essential Balance for almost 4 weeks and have noticed my nails and hair growth and less cramping pains and bloating. I going to continue to use this product and hope to see even more results.

- Stephanie

five stars

No more bloat! This product is absolutely amazing. 1 week In and I’ve lost 5 pounds and my skin is so much clearer. Essential balance has a customer for life.

- Chantal

five stars

These vitamins I never forget. I have a normal cycle now and let me tell u my bloating is gone. I love it. Took about 2 weeks for me to see a difference.

- Kendra

five stars

I love this product! This product definitely helps support my mood and energy! Highly recommend.

- Crosbi

five stars

This product has helped my hair grow and has made it healthier! My skin is also noticeably smoother, I love it!

- Madison





Start every day with a clean slate. This natural formula not only aids your body in the detoxification process but it also promotes natural energy and improves nutrient absorption.

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Feel Full Longer*

Burn For Her



Ready to get sweaty? This potent body recomposition formula was formulated with women’s goals in mind. Just one serving will give you the energy and focus you need to slay your workout.

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Burn for Her product image

Build Lean Muscle*

Protein For Her



Getting in your daily dose of protein has never been easier. This delicious blend of high quality protein was formulated with women's nutritional needs in mind. Each serving contains biotin which is essential for healthy skin, nails and hair!


Save 20% with code WOMEN20. Free shipping on all orders.

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