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If you are like many active males you may have found that maintaining a healthy diet, sleep schedule, and frequent exercise regimen is no easy task. Our experts have gathered a list of essential men's supplements so you can feel, look and perform at your absolute best.

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Creatine Carnage



Picture this, after a long day at work you finally arrive at the gym. Your pre-workout is running at full strength, but no matter how hard you try you are unable to lift more than your usual amount. If this has ever happened to you, chances are you've hit a plateau. Overcoming a plateau is no easy feat, it requires a lot of time & dedication.

However, by adding Creatine Carnage to your favorite pre-workout or BCAA drink you can battle through plateaus & unleash your true potential!

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Benefits of Creatine

Explosive Power*

Promotes optimal strength and power during workouts, so you never miss a beat.*

Increased Endurance*

Supports increased endurance, strength, and muscle mass.*

Fast Loading*

Creatine HCL is fast-absorbing in the body and mixes well with your favorite beverage.*

5 Star Reviews

five stars

I'm getting exceptionally good results, while trying to stay natural. There is no water retention with this product either, which I found strange... but also really good!! I'm definitely going to stay on this product!!

- Jon

five stars

I use this product in conjunction with Pump N Grow. This creatine works great with the pre-workouts and gives a noticeable difference in my workout. I can lift heavier and longer since I have began drinking this everyday. I have drastic muscle mass increases and decrease in BF % while taking this product.

- Dylan

five stars

I have tried a number of different types of creatine in the past. I have never used one that I could literally feel the first time I used it! It easily added 3-4 extra reps to every set I did. You also get a nasty pump from it!

- Luke

five stars

Creatine Carnage is an exceptional product due to its increase in recovery times. I always struggled to recover quickly after my workouts using other supplements, but Creatine Carnage has helped me do just that.

- Dave

five stars

I have tried a few creatine supplements over the past 4 years of lifting and this is the first one that gives you a pump. It's crazy, my lifts all go up each workout and my endurance is better too! I really like that it doesn't have a flavor so I can mix it in with my pre workout and then crush the gym

- Matthew

five stars

Creatine is a must for my weight training, Creatine Carnage helps me get the most out of every session! Reduced recovery time in between sets, and heavier, more explosive lifts! It’s amazing!

- Nick




Getting in the recommended daily dose of vitamins from food alone can be somewhat daunting, especially for those who are constantly on the go and don't have time to skim over every nutrition label with a fine tooth comb. Take the guesswork out of your daily nutrition by starting everyday MrOne.

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Men's daily multivitamin wellness packs in a blue bag.

Project Test



It is well known that testosterone is vital to our health. Not only does testosterone help to maintain bone density and fat distribution, but it also plays a big part in maintaining muscle mass and strength. However, as we get older our testosterone levels start to gradually decrease. Keep your testosterone health in check by adding Project Test to your supplement regimen.

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Getting in the recommended daily amount of protein can be a lot more challenging than you think, especially for those of us who are active. Not only is protein powder essential for supporting muscle recovery after workouts, but it also can play a key role in maintaining a healthy weight by helping to curb cravings.



Save 20% with code MENS20OFF. Free shipping on all orders.

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