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Sharvelle Daniels



Hampton, VA PTC

Sharvelle Daniels has embodied the 5 Star mission by putting in the hard work to produce some truly stellar results. Learn more about Sharvelle and what has made her so successful in her fitness journey.

Why did you start your fitness journey?

"My fitness journey has been life long with an autoimmune thyroid disorder fighting my weight has always be a problem  Then in 2019 I was diagnosed as prediabetic, I had vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) in May of 2020 losing 135lbs, no longer pre-diabetic and improved thyroid function. After maintaining my weight-loss for a year with meal prepping and light exercise I decided to turn it up a notch and start lifting. In doing so I came across 5 star nutrition! The friendly support knowledgeable staff kept me coming back plus the results I was getting just from the recommended supplements was undeniable."

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Sharvelle's favorite products

My favorite products from 5 Star are ProteinOne Caramel Cookie Crunch, NutraOne DetoxOne, and Anabolic Warfare Maniac Pre-workout.

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Anabolic Warfare


What is your go-to healthy meal?

"My favorite healthy meal is a plate of grilled chicken, with a side of green beans & sweet potato."

What is your favorite exercise?

"Deadlifting has become my most favorite lift."

What advice has inspired you the most?

"You don't have to be perfect just don't give up."

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