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All Stars Liz and Nate

Liz & Nate Ribaudo


Ambassador History

Why did you start your fitness journey?

Nate: I started my fitness journey because I was tired of being small and weak and wanted to make a change. I began with calisthenics and body building, tried powerlifting, crossfit, and olympic weightlifting, before going back to powerlifting which has become my passion. My wife and I are both competitive powerlifters training together for the American Pro. I found 5 Star Nutrition when they opened a new location in our area and found great service and supplements there.

Liz: I initially started, like most people, because I wanted to lose weight & was unhappy with the way I looked. A few years in, I found powerlifting and fell in love. Being strong and proud of my body for what it can do rather than what it looks like has been extremely empowering. I have found myself and my confidence through powerlifting. I was looking for a good supplement shop and was so excited when 5 Star opened a location close by! I love their service, products, and their Inbody!

What are your 3 favorite 5 star products?

Nate: My favorite 5 star products are the Anabolic Warfare Creatine, Veiniac, and NutraOne Greens

Liz: The supplements I take daily from 5 Star is the Anabolic Warfare Creatine, Axe & Sledge EAA+Hydration The Grind, and NutraOne Greens. 

What is your go to healthy meal? 

Nate: My go to healthy meal is steak and rice and has been for 10 years.

Liz: My favorite healthy meal is homemade steak tacos with corn tortillas, cilantro & onions. Making these at home with good portions gets me my taco fix while staying on track!

What is your favorite exercise? 

Nate: Usually deadlifts, but right now bench. 

Liz: Currently squats. But I also love a good back day. 

What advice has inspired you the most throughout your fitness journey?

Nate: Doing one thing good over a long period of time is how you become great. 

Liz: Honestly just having Nate believe in me along the way has helped push me farther than I ever imagined.

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