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Butch Lyle



Fort Walton Beach, FL

Butch Lyle has embodied the 5 Star mission by putting in the hard work to produce some truly stellar results. Learn more about Butch and what has made him so successful in his fitness journey.

Why did you start your fitness journey?

"I started my fitness journey over 40 yrs ago at the age of 14. I was always a small kid and used bodybuilding as a way to gain muscle. 5 Star Nutrition has become my go- to location for all my supplement needs by providing high quality products superior for muscle building."

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Butch's favorite products

My 3 favorites are NutraOne Protein One Caramel Cookie Crunch, Veiniac, and Creatine Carnage. 

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Anabolic Warfare


What is your go-to healthy meal?

"My go to healthy meal is 93% turkey mixed with cabbage and rice I eat it 2-3 times per day/ 5-6 times per week."

What is your favorite exercise?

"It changes often, but right now my favorite exercise is the bench press."

What advice has inspired you the most?

"After 40 years, it is a journey not a sprint. There are no short cuts. Longevity is the goal."

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