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5 Star Nutrition

Ben Guarnery



Muncie, IN

Ben Guarnery has embodied the 5 Star mission by putting in the hard work to produce some truly stellar results. Learn more about Ben and what has made him so successful in his fitness journey.

Why did you start your fitness journey?

"I started my fitness journey in June 2022 as a way to better my mental and physical health. Around that time I was really struggling with my mental health and going to the gym daily was the boost I needed to get through the day. I was brought to 5 Star Nutrition through their demos at the Planet Fitness I went to, as well as a friend who shops there."

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Ben's favorite products

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What is your go-to healthy meal?

"My go-to healthy meal is low sodium cajun ground turkey & jasmine rice."

What is your favorite exercise?

"I think my all-time favorite exercise is the barbell bench press."

What advice has inspired you the most?

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

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