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Get Toned



Ever feel like most supplements are geared towards men? Well you are probably right. Many supplements are over stimulated and contain ingredients that can lead to less than desirable side effects for women. For that reason we created the Toned Bundle. This bundle was carefully formulated with women's body composition goals in mind. The Toned Bundle contains 3 essential women’s health supplements that support hormone balance, healthy detoxification and post workout recovery.*


Essential Balance

BCAA for Her

In this bundle

Essential Balance was carefully formulated for women, to support a healthy hormone balance.*

DetoxOne is a natural detox and cleanse that supports the normal, healthy detoxification process of your gallbladder, liver, and colon. DetoxOne helps to support weight loss, increase energy, and improve nutrient absorption.*

The BCAA for Her formula is specifically designed for women and contains a proven 10:1:1 BCAA ratio to help your muscles recover more efficiently.*


At 5 Star Nutrition we support our community's goals and accomplishments. We have carefully selected this 3 product bundle to help you reach your gym goals all at a discounted price. Get ready to make your goals a reality.

Let’s Crush Our Goals Together.

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