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You need to fill out both our application form and Impact contract.

There is no cost to sign up. Just fill out the application to get started today!

For the first few weeks of January, $5 bonuses will be applied to each new customer purchase between 1/1/23-1/15/23. Valid for both in store or online. 15% new customer commission still applies. Bonuses to be paid out on or before 1/20/2023.

There are no content requirements for your 5 Star All-Star partnership.

Yes, you can! But all transactions must be placed in-store at a US 5 Star Nutrition location or online at We currently do not ship internationally, except for APO/FPO addresses.

Impact is our 3rd party provider for payments and tracking. You'll need to be registered in the Impact system in order to get paid.

You need to fill out their contract form, which can be found here or by pressing "Step 2: Fill Out My Contract (Required)" after you have completed the application.

Fill out your contract

You are agreeing to the terms & conditions of the Impact program. This includes your commission percentages as well as payment terms. Please see the contract for all the details. If you have any questions, you can contact your local 5 Star Nutrition store or our customer service Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm central time.

Your agreement will say that the default payout is 5% - that is for all repeat transactions. The agreement also states that there is a payout adjustment if the customer is new - that payout adjustment will increase the default payout (5%) by 10% which is how you get 15% for all new customer transactions (default payout of 5% + increase of 10% = 15%). 

How to find your commission terms

First off, you’ll need to set up your bank account information in Impact. Go to the bottom left corner and select the three dots, then Settings.


Under Finance - select Bank Account.

Bank Account

Enter your preferred payment information on this screen and hit Save.

Payment Method

Under Finance - select Tax Documents. Most people will want to submit a W9 form, check that box and click continue. (You can download a W9 form from the IRS here). Don't forget to sign your W9 before you upload it to Impact!

You can check your performance history and current account balance at any time. In the upper right corner of your Impact account, you’ll find your current account balance. Click on it to see a drop-down menu including Earnings. Your earnings report will be updated monthly.

Transactions are credited & locked 14 days after they occur. All commissions are invoice on the 17th of the month following the transaction and paid 7 days after.

You can access your coupon code anytime in your Impact account. Go to Content > Promo Codes on the dropdown menu on the homepage. 

All online transactions must use your referral code in order to be paid. For in-store transactions, your referral must use your code in order to be tagged as your referral. Once they have been tagged, they no longer need to use your code in order for you to receive a commission - but they must use your code on at least one transaction to get tagged. So make sure you remind all your referrals to present a referral code card for their first purchase.

You can find a ton of ready-to-post 5-Star All-Star content here. You can also visit a 5 Star Nutrition store to pick up referral cards to hand out in-person.

Accounts are reviewed periodically to remain active. If your account is deemed inactive, you will be removed from the program.

If you have any questions, you can contact your local 5 Star Nutrition store or our customer service Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm central time.

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